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FastShell has now been released

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FastShell has now been released, see Marketplace

Supported Versionsโ€‹

Fast Shell will support all JetBrains platforms from 2020.1 to 2022.1.

Plugin VersionIDE Version
2022.4.1-221.12022.1 ~ Future version
2022.4.1-213.12021.3 ~ 2021.3.2
2022.4.1-212.12021.2 ~ 2021.2.4
2022.4.1-211.12021.1 ~ 2021.1.3
2022.4.1-203.12020.3.1 ~ 2020.3.4
2022.4.1-202.12020.2.1 ~ 2020.2.4
2022.4.1-201.12020.1.1 ~ 2020.1.4


Double-click Ctrl, enter fs, it will list all the Fast Shell commands that have been set, double-click to execute or press Enter after selecting it to execute.

You can also open settings via Settings/Preferences > Tools > Fast Shell.

You can also add a custom directive. Click in the upper right corner of the Run Anything toolbar to open Open Settings to manage your commands.