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Fast Shell supports the management of custom scripts, which can quickly execute shell commands. The supported commands depend on the shell environment used by the current IDE. Fast Shell has a fairly high degree of freedom. All instructions are completely defined by the user.

Replace a very long command with a short command. And it's integrated into the IDE's Run Anything, so you can easily open it with Double Ctrl.

The goal of Fast Shell is to let you get rid of alias in .bashrc or .zshrc.

It doesn't matter if you have defined some commonly used directives in .bashrc or .zshrc. You can still add it to FastShell to execute.




Supported Versions

Fast Shell will support all JetBrains platforms from 2020.1 to 2022.1.

Plugin VersionIDE Version
2022.4.1-221.12022.1 ~ Future version
2022.4.1-213.12021.3 ~ 2021.3.2
2022.4.1-212.12021.2 ~ 2021.2.4
2022.4.1-211.12021.1 ~ 2021.1.3
2022.4.1-203.12020.3.1 ~ 2020.3.4
2022.4.1-202.12020.2.1 ~ 2020.2.4
2022.4.1-201.12020.1.1 ~ 2020.1.4